Fasset for Asset Owners

Quickly and efficiently liquidate your assets and move your project forward.

Low Friction Asset Liquidation

The Fasset platform removes layers of bureaucracy, reducing fees and saving you time.


An Improved Financing Flow

Your asset is screened for inclusion.

Once approved your asset is listed on the Fasset platform

Capital is released to you through a Fasset-related intermediary.

Why Asset Owners Work With Us


Tokenization allows infrastructure assets to be exchanged easily, facilitates price discovery and reduces liquidity premiums.

Speed and Efficiency

Our technological approach streamlines the financing process and increases efficiency.

A Proven Team

Our international team has decades of experience in capital markets, infrastructure finance, technology and regulation.

Greater Opportunities

The Fasset platform expands the number of potential investors interested in sustainable infrastructure investment.

We are focused on financing sustainable infrastructure including, but not limited to:

Energy Infrastructure

Power-related Plants and Renewable Energy

Transportation Infrastructure

Toll roads, Bridges, Airports, Seaports

ICT Infrastructure

Information & communications tech such as Fiber Optics

Social Infrastructure

Education and Healthcare

We work with a variety of asset owners

Public Investors

Government departments and agencies are expected asset owners on the Fasset platform. Our experience in fintech, government, and infrastructure create an environment favorable to ongoing partnerships.

Private Investors

Established financial institutions constitute a significant portion of assets owners. Our time spent working in the banking and investment fields gives us the perspective needed to work with global financial entities.

Public Private Partnerships

We are knowledgeable in the complexities of public-private partnerships. In our experience, these partnerships are well suited to infrastructure projects. Look to Fasset to reduce costs and friction in launching these endeavors.

Get Out In Front

Be among the first to take advantage of listing your assets on the Fasset platform. Asset owners who sign on to get early access to our revolutionary platform gain additional benefits, including:

  • Fees waived up to a specified dollar amount

  • Instantaneous access to our team of functionality support experts

  • Inclusion in Fasset marketing collateral and PR to external media outlets