The Crypto Bridge to the Real Economy

We leverage blockchain technology to provide investors access to a new real-world asset class.

A New Asset Class

Fasset is bridging the physical, financial and digital worlds to create and offer a new asset class to all types of investors - the Hard-Asset Token. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the Fasset platform fractionalizes previously unavailable and unlisted sustainable infrastructure assets, providing liquidity and price discovery. Retail and institutional investors seeking to diversify their digital portfolios can invest in low-risk, highly-resilient, yielding and liquid hard assets.

A Revolutionary Approach to Investing


Expanding Investment Opportunities

Search the Fasset Exchange for appealing investments

Choose investments that fit your financial and sustainability goals

Buy, sell and trade with other investors across the entire marketplace

Investment Advantages

Stable Returns

All assets on the Fasset platform undergo a strenuous vetting process designed to ensure that investors receive significant stable returns.


The distributed ledger aspect of blockchain makes it nearly invulnerable to modification of the data contained within it.

Reduced Transaction Times

Tokenization allows for instantaneous transactions. Buy, sell, and trade in quantities previously impossible in infrastructure investing.

Transparent Fee Structure

Transaction streams are open to the public and transactions between parties occur in a verifiable and permanent way.

Global Choice & Accessibility

A vast array of projects are available, to buy, sell, and trade across the marketplace. Invest locally or internationally as you see fit. 

Real Time Information

The Fasset platform provides you with access to data on the underlying asset, at any time, and at every step of the process.