How It Works

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Fasset facilitates the tokenization and trade of hard assets.

Democratizing Infrastructure Investment

The process of tokenizing infrastructure assets on the Fasset platform creates new investment opportunities. Investors that were previously unable to enter the market can do so via the Fasset marketplace. This approach also expands opportunities for asset owners to acquire the financing they need for further infrastructure development.

Asset Curation

Take a solar power plant that is already providing power to tens of thousands of households. The owner wants to liquidate a portion of their equity stake in order to raise funds to build additional plants. We start by assessing the project to determine its financial fundamentals and yield potential.

Project Onboarding

Once we determine the solar power plant’s viability, we invite the owner to place the equity portion of the project on the Fasset platform.

Asset Tokenization

We fractionalize the equity portion of the solar power plant, transforming it into digital tokens that have ownership and yield rights encoded within them.


The tokens are offered on the Fasset marketplace. Approved investors have the opportunity to engage in the entirely digital investment process of reviewing project data and documents, buying and selling tokenized assets, essentially becoming co-owners of the solar power plant.

Distribute Yield

As the solar power plant generates electricity, the resultant yield is seamlessly distributed to the token holders throught the Fasset platform.

Secondary Market

Token holders are able to sell and exchange tokens among other investors directly.

Better Investing Through Blockchain

Fasset is a blockchain-based platform. Blockchain offers several advantages over conventional approaches, including:


The digitization of infrastructure assets allows for divisibility, instantaneous transactions, and transparency while making it easy to buy and sell globally and instantly.


Tokenization allows for infrastructure assets to be exchanged on our market platform. The ease of trading tokens facilitates price discovery and reduction in liquidity premiums.


Multiple layers of bureaucracy—and their associated fees—are eliminated and all transactions are quoted on the cents, making them inherently affordable.


Blockchain transactions eliminate intermediaries, allow peer-to-peer exchange between users, and significantly reduce friction.


Blockchain is a revolutionary computing technology poised to forever change investment practices.


Blockchain technology inherently ensures that transactions occur in a verifiable and permanent way.


The distributed ledger aspect of the technology makes it nearly invulnerable to modification of the data.


The transaction streams are fully open to the public, lending credibility to transparancy claims.


The immutable aspect of blockchain technology immediately inspires confidence and trust.

Powered by Ethereum

Ethereum is an open source blockchain-based distributed computing platform for decentralized applications.

We chose to build the Fasset platform using Ethereum due to its strong position in the market. After assessing different blockchain technology options, Ethereum stood out to us as the premier platform. Fasset is a proud member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA).

Our Company

Our global team is experienced in the areas of capital markets, sustainable infrastructure, distributed ledger technology, software development, fintech, government, and the regulatory landscape.

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