A New Type of Investing

Fasset is the operating system for financing sustainable infrastructure built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The launch of Fasset marks a return to the original goal of finance; to create real assets—such as bridges and solar parks—for the real economy that enhance people’s lives.

We launched Fasset to provide ethical investors access to a marketplace where they can support sustainable infrastructure and do their part in attaining the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

A New Asset Class

Fasset is bridging the physical, financial and digital worlds to create and offer a new asset class to all types of investors - the Hard Asset Token. Built on the ethereum blockchain, the Fasset platform fractionalizes previously unavailable and unlisted sustainable infrastructure assets, providing liquidity and price discovery. These assets are listed on the world’s first global marketplace for Hard Asset Tokens. Retail and institutional investors seeking to diversify their digital portfolios can invest in low-risk, highly-resilient, yielding and liquid hard assets.

Why Fasset?

Aggregation Platform

Resilient and high-yielding infrastructure projects are carefully curated for primary issuance.

Tokenization of Assets

Fractionalizing brownfield infrastructure assets unlocks liquidity, giving investors access and enabling an entirely digital investment process - including issuance, offering, and exchange.

A Native Exchange

Investors gain access to a global pool of deals where they can support sustainable infrastructure through our proprietary exchange.

Advanced Technology

The Fasset platform facilitates price transparency, dramatically improves cost efficiency and ensures security.

Support the SDGs

Fasset allows investors to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through fostering the development of sustainable infrastructure.

A Financial Bridge

The Fasset platform marketplace connects sustainable infrastructure owners with institutional and retail investors. The platform is based on blockchain technology—a radical advancement in computer science and cryptography technology—and built on the public Ethereum blockchain used by Mastercard, Microsoft, CME group, and JP Morgan, among others.

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