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Buying Digital Assets Has Never Been Easier

Buying Digital Assets Should be Easy

Especially With Free Money to Start Your Journey

Trading in digital assets such as cryptocurrencies is a real pain for residents of many countries around the world. High fees, complex interfaces and low liquidity are common across the very few exchanges in these emerging markets.

We aim to change that. We believe that everyone should be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and other digital assets easily.

A regulated fiat gateway, extremely simple trading interface and free money to kickstart your trading.

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Especially With Free Money to Start Your Journey

Buying digital assets such as cryptocurrencies has never been easier. But we also want to make it easier on your wallets. Sign up now to receive $5 in your account for free to start trading.

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First Real-Asset Token Exchange

The extreme volatility of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies make it hard to manage a safe,optimal portfolio. For the first time, you can significantly reduce your risks to extreme price movements by investing in real-asset tokens, which are directly linked to the stability of tangible real-world assets.

Be one of the first to access a new asset class that makes crypto investing safe!

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Institutional-Grade Security and Encryption

Fasset is an approved company operating under license from Malaysia’s Labuan Financial Services Authority as well as CBB's Regulatory Sandbox and utilizes state-of-the-art security mechanisms to protect user information and funds.

We ensure that industry best practices are enforced. User funds are mostly stored offline and fully encrypted to ensure maximum security.

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Fasset is built by an international team of technocrats with decades of experience in financial technologies.

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Fasset is a platform for anyone in emerging markets to buy and sell digital assets easily and conveniently. Users will be able to purchase cryptocurrencies and real-asset tokens with their local currency on the platform. Fasset is an approved company operating under license from Malaysia’s Labuan Financial Services Authority as well as CBB's Regulatory Sandbox. At launch, Fasset will offer top cryptos like BTC, ETH & USDT. More coins will be made available in the near future. Sign up now to be notified when we launch our private beta.
Satoshi Nakamoto (anonymous creator of Bitcoin) envisioned a global, digital currency that is decentralized, transparent and censorship-resistant. The ethos of empowerment and disintermediation are powerful ideals that govern the existence of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, which is encapsulated in Bitcoin’s white paper. These very ideals are ingrained into Fasset’s vision. We want to democratize access to digital assets and crypto across the globe by eliminating barriers towards mainstream adoption. That is why we have created a very simple interface for users to trade cryptocurrencies.
By lowering barriers of adoption on our platform, we enable and strengthen our core revenue producer and business: real asset tokenization and all its off shoot productization. Please do find out more about our long-term vision.
Real-asset tokens are cryptocurrencies which are backed by real-world assets such as real estate, solar power plants, bridges, energy grids etc. Real-asset tokens provide strong stability and significantly reduce extreme price volatility risks given their tangible, real-world, economic-generative nature.
Fasset will issue real-asset tokens that will provide stability for cryptocurrency investors.
Beta is a common term in the tech space that refers to the phase when a product gets launched for the first time to users outside of the organization. It is a phase to gather feedback from real users for platform improvements.
Private Beta means that the access will be given to invited users only. It is not available to the public.
If you wish to get invited to our private beta, please register your email to our waitlist.
Access will be given to users in order of their number in the queue.
We are launching the Private Beta very soon. To get access, make sure you are registered to our waitlist. Access will be given to registered users in batches, in the order of your queue number. In order to “jump” the queue, you can invite others to register via your referral link. For every registration that comes from your referral link, you gain a point. You can move forward in the queue if you have more points than the person in front of you.
At launch, Fasset offers top coins like BTC, ETH and USDT. There will also be a few Real Asset Tokens available. More information on this will be available soon.

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